From one anxiety to the next...

As I write this, my wife and I are preparing for a short trip to Los Angeles to attend the Guillermo del Toro At Home With Monsters exhibit at LACMA. I couldn’t be more excited and nervous to board an airplane and see some beautiful, magical and macabre art. I am also looking forward to seeing old friends eating at boutique food trucks and talking about life, pop culture and the election. Although, many of my friends may not want to talk about that last thing.

I don’t really feel like it’s my place to talk frankly about social issues on this site, if you want to know what kind of a person I am and where I stand, look at my work. However, I will say that this year, and in particular this election, has been hard on all of us. For this reason I ask that you please do the following:

Be kind to your fellow human beings, whether they are strangers or friends.

Read books. Reading improves empathy and that is something we could all use more of.

Make things. Wood working, painting, song writing or films. All of it. Make things to share with others.

Listen to others. Do not just wait for your turn to speak.

Respectfully engage with those with whom you may disagree.

Get away from social media.

Laugh as often as possible

Onward and upward…

The 3rd annual Go West Film Festival is complete as of last Saturday and it seemed to turn out really well, considering sporting events and the election. I am grateful for the experience that working on this festival has given me and without it, there wouldn’t be a new documentary to show you guys next week. Neat, huh.

Over the last half of this year I have bounced from one new project to the next and consequently, one new anxiety to the next. All this amid day jobs and family and adult responsibilities. The work, the art itself, has turned out pretty well. Victorian Cut-out Theatre keeps cranking along, although I still have a few more episodes to turn in. The reader’s theatre and the Halloween radio show went off like gangbusters and may have inspired others in that same direction. My writing related work hasn’t been this prolific since college and for that, I am extremely grateful. I’m also planning on a future live action film to be completed by next year…I hope. While we’re talking about it, if you want to HIRE ME, you can reach me at

Keep your eyes peeled for me international and local projects coming from me in the future.

On a more personal note, Halloween when really well. We were able to take our son trick or treating at a local event. We were also able to cobble together a last minute Calvin and Hobbes costume which people seemed to like. He got to eat some candy and look at weird things and I think he enjoyed himself. I was also able to keep the Halloween tradition alive for it's...fifth? year, wherein I curate a series of horror movie trailers, commercials and short films to watch while we hand out candy to the kids. If you want to see this year's set list, click HERE So far this year has been busy with lots of great things despite the awful bits and anxiety. I hope to stay busy in the coming year.

Take care,