Pandering OR Rob Sells Out (Ani-Logue 12)

The subject of this video has been a major topic of discussion amongst me and my associates for about the past six months. I didn't originally subscribe to the youtube philosophy, because I didn't want to be in league with "Those kinds of people". My main goal has always been to tell good stories, hone my skills and hopefully bring a little humor, thought and entertainment into the lives of my audience. If they enjoyed their stay in theatre of my mind, perhaps they would come again-and bring friends. This is a pure philosophy, but pure intentions are rarely the most popular or lucrative. Come to think of it though, videos of attractive women eating bananas is probably the most marketable idea I've ever had...

I've been rereading Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics and it's awakened in me the desire to really hone my skill. Since I started the Ani-Logues as an experiment, this is something I try to remember with each new entry. I do try to learn something new every time I sit down to animate and if I am not happy with the overall product, at least I can carry "key learnings" forward into the next one. I've really been itching to try hand drawn animation. Maybe for a future Ani-Logue installment.

I wanted to thank everyone for their support and patience. It really kills me not to be able to post a video when I say I will. Hopefully you enjoyed the blogs instead and know that their is much more entertainment coming your way.

-Rob Out.