Parenting, Writing, and Kickstarters

A few things about parenting…
My son has started calling me “Escargot” after the character in a well known children’s book. The book is wonderful and when I read it to him, I perform the character, affecting a (terrible) French accent and everything. He calls me Escargot, because he wants me to talk like the character so that he can interact with the charming French snail as if he were his friend. Because of this, I have noticed that my son is more likely to listen to Escargot than he is to his papa. This has made several things easier, but I’m terrified of the idea that I will be stuck doing this voice any time I want him to do something. Kids are weird.

I have also began a new schedule at work, which sees me working from home two days a week. This change was motivated by three things: 1) My wife got a promotion at her job 2) Childcare is insanely expensive 3) I want to see if we can make it with two full time paychecks for as long as we can. The extra money will be super helpful and I’m looking forward to getting a few things around the house fixed. It is also nice to know that my wife’s new job comes with all sorts of benefits, which means that my original retirement plan of “dying while working”, isn’t our only option. I will say though that the new work schedule is going to take some getting used to. Hammering away on my keyboard and drafting VISIO files while my son watches Daniel Tiger is not a situation I ever envisioned happening, but…I’m glad it has.

Professional stuff…

I’ve finally submitted by play to the DCPA play contest. This was one of the hardest writing exercises and I can’t even tell you why. In the three months since first hearing about this project, I started no less than three plays, ended up finishing two of them and only one of them was edited, polished and turned into the contest. It was an exhausting experience, but I’m pleased with how it turned out. Even if it doesn’t get chosen, I’d feel confident in sending it to other outlets to be produced.

These past nine months have certainly been my most productive creatively. I write and submit at least one thing a week, but now the backlog is starting to produce submissions in what I like to call “Rob’s Sluice Box of Writing”. If you want to know what this process is, see below.

Rob’s Sluice Box of Writing

1) Write a short humor thing for a quick turnaround (Turnaround 1 week)

2) Look over rejected pieces and see if they could work for other outlets or be transformed into something that could work.

3) Submit to other outlets. (Turnaround 30 days)

4) Write and submit plays/sketches for theatre/film/advertising video (Turnaround 3-9 months)

5) Write/submit screenplays and videos to festivals (Turnaround 3-9 months)

6) Take rejected short humor piece (See Step 1) and employ Step 2.

7) Repeat.

If this process works for you, I would love to hear about it, please let me know. I myself have managed to create and submit so much in the past 9 months, that I have to create a spreadsheet to keep it all straight. I don’t know if this is a good thing, but I think persistence and submitting to multiple outlets each week/month/3-9 months has GOT to pay off. Some of the work I’ve made has been less than stellar, but some of it has been truly great and will find interest elsewhere. Patience, persistence and production level are key.

On an somewhat related note…

I would really like to write for games. In particular, I would adore the chance to write for Onyx Path or White Wolf. If you haven’t check out any of their books, I suggest you do so. Their RPG books are so incredibly readable even if you never intend to play. Some tabletop games avoid flavor text, and the best part of the Onyx Path and White Wolf books is the flavor text, the short stories, character descriptions and settings are all really fun to read and make you want to play in that world. I know that Onyx has open development on some of their projects. I’ve submitted before, but I would really like to try again. I would love for the chance to work on the Adventure! RPG reboot as a part of Aeon/Trinity, as pulp is one of my absolute favorite genres. Also a chance to write for the forthcoming They Came From beneath The Sea would be amazing. I’ve long been a superman of (Mathew Dawkins) since were both fresh to YouTube. I could write a hell of an adventure with a 1950s monster movie setting. Also, the chance to work on The World of Darkness books in any capacity would be wonderful. Apologies for this flight of fancy.

And Finally…

I was asked to write a few short stories for an anthology on Kickstarter. The premise is really great for an anthology. 100 characters X 100 settings = 1000 combinations of story and the reader reaps the reward. I have always been a huge fan of short story collections, because if you don’t like one story, you may like the next one. There’s less risk and more reward. So, if you like genre fiction, you should check out this Kickstarter for Crash Philosophy. You won’t regret it.

P.S. I really want to take the time to thank those still giving to my Patreon. I know the format has changed a bit leaning more toward written work and less toward animation and video (There may be more video in the future) but I am still so very grateful you continue to support me on this stuff. You gracious giving have allowed me to submit to multiple film festivals as well as pay for an artery fee into a pitch festival this year (I'm terrified). Anyway, I continue to be immensely grateful and again, thank you.

Take care,