Podcasts and Project "Selfie"

I'd say I've been saturating the markets lately, but that only really matters if people know who you are, and for right now, I have a high level of public anonymity. I'm like Reed Richards. Everyone knows that Reed Richards is Mr. Fantastic, leader of the Fantastic Four, and that he lives and works at the Baxter Building in Manhattan; however no one seems to care. To date, I am not a super scientist with the power to stretch my body to great lengths. I don't have a blonde wife that turns invisible, nor an IQ over 300. Actually, I'm not sure where I was going with this analogy.

In truth, I've been busy doing many fun little projects. I'll be appearing on the WTF Are You Watching Podcast this week, filling in for Lincoln Hayes, who was in Monaco; presumably because he's now a international super-spy. In this episode Kyle and I talk about, among other things, John Hurt's Doctor Who Faux-Hawk, our favorite Nazi films and The Hindenburg, which is this week's movie. You should listen, not for me, but to the podcast in general. Kyle and Lincoln have such a wonderful report and insight that they make you feel like you're guests in their apartment for movie night. I feel honored to be a returning guest. Any time they want me, I'm there.

The other thing I've been working on is a fun internet project called PROJECT: "SELFIE". The new video blog explains it all, I'm hoping we can get away from "duck face" and "sexy" shots, to show a basic humanity not often seen in most self portraits. If you're into that, you should pass the video on, and send your best "First Thing in the Morning" photo to robwalkerfilms@gmail.com. I hope this takes off. I'll need quite a few photos to make it work. If not, it was a fun try.

This past Friday was lovely, I got to make a neat video. I also got to try out a new tea establishment which served me a black tea/whiskey combo that was the perfect potion to cure the winter chill. Afterward my fellows and I made our way to the local comic book store, where I picked up a copy of SAGA. An acquaintance of mine who runs the HAUNT OF HORRORS PRESS has been constantly pimping it on his podcast, and I finally decided to pick it up. I was not sorry. There is an unbridled imagination in SAGA that lingers with you long after you put the book down. It's like the very best of Neil Gaiman and Ray Bradbury. You find yourself adoring every character for their unique foibles and ticks. However, you root fully for the young couple and their child as they try to make their way across the galaxy to a place untouched by war. It's humorous, touching, harrowing and beautiful. Pick it up.

I'm trying to stay ahead of things this month, even though it's a losing battle; not just for me, but for everyone. Even if you're one of those super-freaks who already have their Christmas shopping done, rest assured you've neglected something. Trust me. It's December. The rest of the year is dust under our feet, and now everyone is trying to keep their heads down and plow through work in order to get to (through?) the holidays. But it's important to look up everyone once in a while to enjoy the season, the company and reflect on what we've learned.

For me, winter has always held a certain kind of magic and reflection. Here in Colorado, the snow flies and everything old is new again. It's during this entire month that I gaze back the previous 11 months and wonder what I can carry forward into the next year. 2013 was a weird year. It was filled with plot twists and revelations about not just me, but those around me. Good things mostly, but it's still strange to discover new things about yourself, your tribe and the world in which we live.

Take care,