Poetry & Museum Mysteries

I’m never sure how personal to get on this blog.

The past three months have been rough and exhausting for me and I’m not sure I can say more than that. Because of my situation, creativity has been somewhat stifled of late, making some of the projects I’ve been working on kind of a slog. However, like Dr. Ian Malcom says in Jurassic Park “Life finds a way.” and oddly enough, creativity has begun oozing out of unexpected directions regardless of my state of mind. These minor flourishes in output make me feel both giddy and guilty. Giddy because at worst these little projects are simple, fun, and entertaining; and at best, they are well executed expressions of art. The guilt comes from the time spent on these little bits of errata. Good or bad, this means that I’m not working on the projects that have been such a slog for the past three months. Truth be told, I’m a bit more happy than sad at the development of these little projects because they have given me the respite and enthusiasm I’ve needed to finish the other stuff I’ve been working on. Sometimes all you need is a break, I guess.

Two of these new little creative blasts have taken the form of poetry. I haven’t written poetry since sixth grade. I retired from the discipline after a love letter I had written found its way into the hands of a teacher and my purple prose found its way into the ears of upper classmen. Recently I have composed two poems which read like children’s stories with horror themes. One of these poems will be our family Christmas card. My wife has suggested that I keep developing these as there might be a book in it. While I adore children literature, time will tell if more of these manifest, but for now, I’m very happy with the results.

My family and I attended The International Sherlock Holmes Exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science today. This is an event I have been waiting over a year to attend. I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan (and was even Nerd Reactor’s go-to guy on the subject for a time). I was not disappointed and hope that the exhibition can make the rounds again. It did what I wanted it to do, which is make me feel like I was a Victorian Investigator. Through the use of history, sets, and clever contraptions, The International Sherlock Holmes Exhibit educates and entertains in equal measure. Best of all, I have my souvenir detective’s notebook, complete with stamps, secret codes, and rubbings, which I will keep for all time.

I stood in a mock-up of 221 B Baker Street and it was just as detailed as it is in my mind. I knew where the slipper was, you guys! It was a small, dorky dream come true.

It was a great weekend and while there is never enough time to do the things one wants to do, I was able to recharge my battery and have fun. I also managed to get a fair amount of art finished; not as much as I would like, but some is better than none at all. At this stage, I’ll take it.

The game is afoot,