Projects, Hubs and Captaining the ship

I dislike the fact that this website has turned into a simple blog. Mostly because I feel like I'm no good at blogging. A website cleanup should happen soon. I'd like to simplify the navigation and look of the site to make it easier for people to find what they're looking for. This cleanup/simplification should give rise to a portfolio that showcases what another company has affectionately referred to as "The Cigarette Burn Pictures Style". I didn't know I had a style per se, but I like the idea.

Mostly I've been engaged in a rigorous schedule: 40 hour a week day job and when I punch out, I resume leg work for The Proposal and cleaning up my Victorian Cut-Out Theatre shorts. This three pronged attack has made life a little crowded and I find myself being ground down to something resembling a fine powder. Though I'm endlessly exhausted these days, I'm not unhappy. I'm glad to be working on projects I enjoy, with people I enjoy.

The meeting with the cast of The Proposal went well (The portion of the cast I've been able to meet with anyway). I am pleased to see that they have their lines (Mostly) down, so that I can work with them, while the crew focuses on technical matters and we won't have to stop for them. It's been about two years since I've spearheaded a live action project, Because of this, I find that I have trust issues. When you work on animation (even crude ones), the entirety of the product rests firmly on your own shoulders. Success or failure is yours alone. When depending on others, it's easy to find yourself worrying if they see what you see, will follow your lead and, most importantly, are doing what you expect them to do. It's a part of the learning experience, I suppose. I never really saw myself as the leader of men type. I'm more in line with the Captain of a starship that can make the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs-type. But lets face it, even a lone wolf needs a wookie co-pilot.

-Rob Out.