Resident Evil's advertising is brilliant, the films however...

I have covered film advertising in articles before, and I have also covered the expected debacle that was Resident Evil Afterlife and it's connection to Hollywood mentality. Right now though, I'd just like to discuss briefly the films series and it's advertising as a whole. By and large, The Resident Evil live action film series is horrible, but the advertising for the series borders on genius. Wow that was briefer than expected.

If you recognize this logo, you're probably a nerd.

I'll elaborate a touch more, the films are fun, but the first film is the best of the series and they continually slip from there. The last shot of the first film writes a check of epicness that the series never truly pays off. I will say that Milla Jovovich looks like she's having the time of her life, which make me kind of happy. However, even with each successive film being worse than the one before it, the corresponding film teasers do such a wonderful job at lampooning modern advertising that they have now become the best part of the films.

I've listed the teasers (Mostly) below and with the exception of the first and fourth trailers, the rest are brilliant fake-outs that use the theme of our modern consumer motivated culture to sell their B-grade action/horror film based on a game franchise about the evils of mega-corporations. We've gone almost meta with this concept, but the point is made.

-Rob Out.