Rob's Dream

This is my first attempt at animation since I was ten years old.

This one minute animated short was created Sunday before last over a period of about seven hours. It was born out of wanting to try a technique for animation I had been rolling around in my head for a while. Now, after a couple of years of speculation, I know this technique works. I am very proud of this simple little video. while the animation is rudimentary, I am happy with the style and the design. I am also proud of the monologue, which is based on a real dream I had about seven years ago. This was a dream, when told to Monty, made him laugh so hard he cried. Though the dream itself was so unsettling for me, I'm glad Monty got such pleasure out of my account of the experience. Because of the wonderful experience I have had with this "on-the-fly" production, there will certainly be more of them. The marathon nature of this project was a bit of a spiritual experience for me, starting from scratch and crafting something beginning to end...a one man show. It truly cleansed my soul. I am already planning the second one: "Why I don't like going to the beach" as well as many others. So trust that, the more free days I get, the more of these you will see.

-Rob Out