Screaming cocoons and ghost towns

Everything was going so well. Our son was adhering to his sleep schedule with a minimum of fuss and with the exception of late night/early morning feedings, parenting had become less of a waking nightmare. Then his first tooth nubbin appeared. Now he hates everything he once loved. On a related note, I wonder if caterpillars spend hours screaming inside their cocoons as they turn into butterflies.

It’s partially this screaming that has me cautious about recording dialogue for Victorian Cut-out Theatre. Our house hasn’t become the most reliable place to find quiet recently and I’m toying with the idea of recording elsewhere. This bums me out because I like VCoT to be self contained, but whatever. So another hiccup on the road of production will likely create a better quality show. I think I can learn to live with that.

I have turned in several scripts this week to people in the position of buying and producing scripts. Special thanks to Stephanie, Matt and Pete for help in reading them and offering suggestions. I have at least one more to turn in this month before I can resume “full time” work on VCoT and other promised projects. The new episode of MOOT which I cowrote should be up soon also. The vocation of script writing is so very strange. It is as if I build houses from scratch, by myself, for free, and send them to people who might be interested in purchasing a home. These people deal in homes all day everyday. They have entire cities of homes and I want them to look at and purchase mine. These people might even ask that I build them another house for free adding to it like the Winchester Mansion over a period of weeks and months before deciding that it isn’t working. Sometimes I build the houses for no one but me to live in. I have a file on my computer and a pile in my closet of houses that people may never see. Entire ghost towns that might be explored someday.

This pile of unproduced projects and stories are always useful down the road. Inevitably someone will ask for something specific and you can pull it out of your back pocket. This is not something they teach you in school, only something you learn by continuing on the path against all possible reason or good sense. You make things because you love to make them, not because that’s what people want. People don’t know what they want until they see it.

Anyway, I hope you folks are doing well. Take care.


P.P.S. (Photo from the blog which talks about the work of a Japanese artist who's name I've had trouble in finding. This blog describes her work, which is oddly like how I've described writing scripts. Perhaps this a metaphor for the creative process. Anyway her work is gorgeous and you should check it out.)

P.S. CAR WATCH 2015!

The Lincoln which sat in front of my house for over a month has now mysteriously disappeared. I am overjoyed. I am also wondering when it will return to darken my doorstep.