Season 2 of VCoT, More Videos and Less Famous

As I type this I'm finishing up the intro to Season 2 of Victorian Cut-out Theatre. I wanted to do something different and special to distinguish this new batch from season 1. I'm also in email correspondence with a client and my latest paid job should finish up this week. Hopefully I'll finish up my third paid job later this month and then everything can start getting back to normal…for a while anyway.

My hope for this year, is that I can start developing a list of paid projects in an effort to move away from a day job by next year. A lot will have to go right for this to happen, but I'm starting to think ahead and I don't know if I can keep balancing as much as I do without some changes being made. I'm pragmatic about the whole affair, I'm not going to quit my day job, but I can see that something has to give. So far it's been a good year for paid work, but this just means I'll have to hustle for future stuff. I feel more than a little bad that I turned down work back when I still thought we were moving.

I've also been witting away at the new site in hopes of refining it. I've taken sever of the extraneous articles out and recategorized some of the other ones. The videos all have their own page now and I'm hoping that we can add a feature that recommends other articles on the site that you may enjoy. Rick and I have been trying to refine what we like about other sites and how to incorporate those same things into this one. I think we're both on the same page with the "keep it simple" philosophy. I don't want to go all "Homer Simpson", and add bubble tops and fins where there should be none.

More than anything I'd like the site to become a place where you can see what I'm working on and thinking about. Kind of like John Scalzi's site but with more videos and less famous.

Take care,