Sleepless Sundays

It's 6:14 AM on Sunday as I type this and while me being awake at this hour wouldn't normally be out of the ordinary, the fact that I have been awake since 4 AM certainly is. Between my wife's knee in my back and our two cats taking up the remaining space, my real estate on the mattress was somewhat limited. I've provided the picture above to give you more of an idea.

The Rob Walker Films YouTube page is starting to coalesce a bit. Season 1 of Victorian Cut-out Theatre is available there, as well as all of The Hughes Reviews. There should also be a video blog available there today around 10:30 Mountain time. It is my first stab at doing video blogs, as in me just talking about something unrelated to my commercial endeavors. It is traditionally the kind of thing that I like to save for here in the blog, but I understand that some people don't want to read my thoughts, they'd rather hit play and have me share them through video.

It occurs to me that I'm having to start over from scratch on YouTube all over again. Try as I might I'm still getting subscriptions on Cigarette Burn Pictures while Rob Walker Films remains unfriended. I think this has to do with the law of attraction, because the old channel had so much more time to sit and gather views, viewers and comments. This new site, despite carrying identical content, is empty. I imagine its akin to trying a new restaurant and walking in and having the place be desolate, you're discovering it but it's uncomfortable, untouched by customers. I guess I'll just have to break in gently.

I first started on YouTube in 2008, long after everyone else seemed to discover it, and for us it was more of a fix because hosting our own videos just wasn't working. It took us longer to realize that using copyrighted material wasn't going to fly and by the time I was hitting my stride, the trio became a solo act and I was making stuff for other people. My hope is that I can climb the ladder of knowledge a little faster this time.

The new episode of Victorian Cut-out Theatre is up and I'm thrilled because this episode is funny in the same way that the first episode of the series was funny. It's two people just talking about uncomfortable subject matter. That's it. While I do enjoy the more elaborate episodes including robots, I do enjoy the episodes without set pieces where it's simple. Anyway, we'll see what the public has to say, but I like it.

Hope everyone has a good week. and if you want to repost the VCoT episode or subscribe to my channel, I'd be grateful.

Take care,