Slowing down, Gearing up & Nervous breakdowns

For the first time in almost a month, my computer hasn't been trying to render something. I can't speak for my computer, but I'm happy to have a break. I've been working on one project or another consistently for the past three months, and while I enjoy what I do, the added obligations at the end of 2012 were a bit much for me. Now that things have slowed down a bit, I'll have more time to freak out about my impending move to Los Angeles.

I'm excited, but I can't fully give myself over to the excitement of an adventure like this. Not yet. There's still more emotional roller-coastering to do. Soon, our house will be unrecognizable. Our living room filled with cardboard boxes containing the material evidence of merged lives. This event will fire the starting pistol, sending me into a series of nervous breakdowns, that will continue until I am locked safely in a vehicle bound for Californy*. If this seems overly dramatic and ridiculous, I agree. However, I am unable to stop this process once it has started. The two keys have already been turned...

On another topic...

I usually don't care for numbers on YouTube. I'm neither an attractive woman that teaches you how to put on makeup, nor am I an attractive woman who plays ukulele. For these reason's, my YouTube presence is a bit more difficult to quantify. However, I was pretty pleased with the numbers for my previous VCoT episode. Despite not containing attractive women, makeup tutorials or ukuleles, it manage to receive over 800 hits in a week. This isn't much in the grand scheme of YouTube videos, but for me it's pretty good. I hope this means that the show is finding (and retaining) an audience of folks who are the same kind of strange as me. I also hope that the audience continues to grow and those who enjoy it pass it on...but maybe I should throw in a ukulele in the next episode, just to hedge the bets a little.

In the meantime, I'm trying to finish up some work for Cinevore's forthcoming Nerd vs. Geek web series. My contribution (if they decide to use it) will be an animation for a fighting game. This game will be done in roughly the same style as Victorian Cut-out Theatre. I'm excited to see how the footage turns out, but I'm even more excited to see the NvG series premiere. Everyone involved has been working their asses off on this, and it's clearly a labor of love. It's a pleasure being (even a peripheral) part of something you know will be awesome.

Anyway, that's it for now. Take care.