Son of a Beach (Animation) Dir Rob Walker


For those of you who missed this one originally, here it is. This (Very) Short was has traveled all the way to Philadelphia for the Project Twenty1 Philadelphia Filmathon. That's right, it has been in an actual festival! (Look at me, I'm getting more legitimate by the second) What some people don't know is that this film is part of a series. The animated monologues began as an experiment and it's continued to grow with almost one a month since it started. I will have some video blogs from the festival coming up in the coming week. And in case you haven't seen it, it's got a trailer. Below is my original blog when it was posted in April (Before it's current, if local notoriety).

This is my third attempt at animation. I think it's coming along, this one seems to have received the best reaction from people so far.

I think the interaction in this one is better than the previous, the background and waves definitely work well. Doing these short projects have started to give me a better understanding of what makes animation work, which was the point of this experiment in the first place. While I will likely experiment and branch out into other kinds of animation, genres, characters and themes, I'm having fun doing this right now. If you like what you see, check out some of our other videos elsewhere on the site. Be sure to link back to us and please tell your friends.


-Rob Out