The Star Spangled Fists of Science (Ani-Logue 5)

This short was inspired by a co-worker, who asked me the question: "If George Washington were alive today, what do you think he would say about our country?" I find the question intriguing, although if we were to take it literally, I doubt that General Washington would want to talk politics.

I really have to thank my Fiance Denise for her patience during the creation of this short. When I wasn't at work, pulling 10-12 hour days, I was working on this thing, trying to get it done before Sunday so that I could help clean the house for her Birthday Party. She is incredibly understanding and we had a wonderful time at Birthday Part 1 (Tonight is Birthday Part 2: Bowling!)

I also have to thank the people who have been continuing to support the website and in particular the animations. I still don't consider myself an animator but I can't thank you all enough for the ideas, constructive criticism and feedback as I grow in this process. If you keep watching, I'll keep making them. I paraphrased Mike from Penny Arcade recently on the subject of art (in relation to the Ani-Logues) "The key is to hate your work so much that you try to get better, hopefully you'll create something that won't totally embarrass you before you die." This statement is true-hopefully I'm getting better, but with each successive animation I struggle through the seven stages of grief-ending, finally, with acceptance.

Thanks for watching and please tell your friends,

-Rob Out.