On the subject of rejection

It’s been a banner week for rejections.

I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that I was not accepted into the cable writer’s program to which I applied. The good news is that I won’t be writing for free three states away during my son’s birthday next month. I was legitimately conflicted about the possibility of being accepted to this program, and though I’m mildly disappointed, I am ready to move on. I will definitely be trying again next year. Submitting to this was a good exercise. I learned a great deal and I now know I can do better down the road.

I received two other rejections last week for a pieces of writing I had submitted. These rejections each came a week after submission. To be honest, I was thrilled. because it meant that someone had presumably read my work and gotten back to me quickly. Rejection almost never happens this way. If you do receive a formal rejection, you often receive it months after submission. I normally don’t receive formal rejections of any kind. The people/organizations I submit to just don’t get back to me. It was refreshing to receive a brief note saying “no thank you”, so then I was free to resubmit something else that same day. In all honestly, this brand of rejection boosted my morale to such a degree that I was shocked. It was simply nice to get a definitive reply in such a short amount of time.

I have been waiting to hear back on other submissions for months now. Entries into sketch contests and festivals have gone unanswered, while I have continued to busy myself with other projects. Sometimes, however, it is easy to feel like you’re lost in the shuffle. Anyway, rejection is good. Swift and concrete rejection is better.

This weekend has seen a bit more of a chill in the air and I could not be more thrilled. I am not a summer person. The sweltering heat is just oppressive and no amount of cookouts and yard parties makes me thrilled to be outside baking in the sun. I also hate mowing my lawn and while my wife busies herself with thoughts of what would go into our “dream home”- things like reading nooks and hardwood floors, I have started a Pinterest board dedicated to xeriscaping. I never thought my fantasies would ever revolve around crafting a yard I’d never have to mow. This is what your thirties look like, kids.

This slight change in weather means that I can wear sweaters and hoodies and go for walks with my family without feeling like Christopher Lee at the end of The Horror of Dracula. It is also more pleasurable watching movies like The Horror of Dracula. Also, the General Mills Monster Cereals go on sale! This really is the best time of the year. Here’s hoping the weather sticks.

Take care,