Sweltering houses & videos complete and non

It is sweltering in our house (we have no air conditioning) so our methods of staying cool have revolved around ceiling fans, two window shakers, and wishing it were October. Seriously, it feels like the setting to a Tennessee Williams play around here; excellent mint julep weather though. The night before last, I was treated to an anthology of nightmares, and last night a knot wedged its way next to my right shoulder blade, so sleeping has been a bit difficult. The dull ache is still there. Throbbing. I assume that I am upset about something and my brain and body are conspiring against me to make things as uncomfortable as possible. This is probably for the best as I think my natural state is one of pained worry. It’s when I do my best work. I do hope that I can at least get some sleep tonight, so that I may attend my son without wincing. Lifting twenty pounds of wiggly, human meat is…uncomfortable on one’s back. It might be time for a mint julep.

My goal of having a completed, if not polished, VCoT video was not met this weekend. However, I did crack the “expression code” for linking audio waveforms to character mouth movements. This is something that I’ve been worried about for months and up until now have not figured out how to make it work. Yesterday my designs came to fruition and I should have a draft of an episode this week! So far the longest part of production has been the scripting and gathering assets phase. Animation used to be the longest part and now that is no longer the case. I’m sure things will become more elaborate down the road, but for now, I’m happy with where this is headed.

This weekend also saw the premiere of My Mother In Law at the Crossroads of Curiosity Festival in London. You can read about it HERE! I’m told by presenter/collaborator Dr. Bob Nicholson that the video performed very well. It’s an honor and I hope to work on more things like this in the future.

So that’s it for now. Look for updates this week. I do think this episode will only take a few more hours of work and it should be complete.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.