Technological Advancements

I've spent the weekend in the throws of an artistic and technological love-fest. At the behest of my wife, we have received our first iPhones and therefore, this weekend has been spent going over the magic that this new (to us) device. I was equal parts amazed and horrified when I held it in my hand. I want a phone that is, first and foremost, a phone, after that everything else is gravy. I had heard some unhappy things about this device and thus approached it with trepidation. I am happy to report though, that it both makes and receives phone calls - so we're good.

The features on this new device that I'm most excited about are Siri (I've always wanted a computer butler since I first saw Brainscan) and it's ability to record clean audio. Also the chance to share my immediate thoughts, recordings, art, ideas with my home computer as well as the greater internet instantaneously. This means that creativity just got easier to share. I know I'm late to the party, but this feels really good.

On the subject of future technological advancements, my genius of a webmaster/site architect is working on the NEW CBP site. I can't tell you how excited I am about this update. Rick is planning some really cool features and I'm thrilled that the new layout will make it easier for you guys to find videos and articles and leave comments. More on this as it develops.

Also, I've been asked to be a guest on WTF Are You Watching Podcast for their 50th Podcast celebration.If you haven't heard Lincoln and Kyle talk about movies before, you're truly missing out. Check out their site on our links page or if you're insanely lazy just click HERE.

My work was also featured on the front page of Animation Nation for Victorian Cut-Out Theatre: The Wild Hunt. They even blurbed me. Super cool of them. I felt really lucky to be featured on their site alongside some fantastically talented people. Thanks AN, you have a forum member for life!

That's been pretty much it for me. I'm working on more animations and some promised work that I've been meaning to get to. Keep checking back and if you're on Facebook, be a pal and give us a "LIKE".

-Rob Out.