The things we do for love, Podcasting and Victorian Cut-out Theatre

When you become married, you catch yourself doing things you would never dream of doing while single. When you're with someone, assuming you are trying to be a good partner, you find yourself embroiled in their interests. Likewise, if they honor you, they will attempt to engage in the stuff you are interested in. This give and take doesn't have to be total, I enjoy House of 1000 Corpses, but I know that my wife will get nothing out of it. However, she may enjoy reading Locke & Key. You must curate what you know of your partner, with the things you think they can handle (not always enjoy) but be open to. You must also give yourself over to their enjoyment. They love you, and enjoy this "thing", so it's only natural to want to combine the two.

It is this dynamic that led me to a screening of City of Bones this past Saturday. My wife reads constantly, and has a particular fondness for Young Adult, genre fiction. Having enjoyed the Mortal Instruments series, naturally, when they decided to translate the book to the silver screen, she was on board. I was ambivalent toward the book and film, so I was game to join her.

We were 10 minutes in before I realized that the movie was poorly written tripe, clad in black leather and high cheekbones. And it didn't let up for 130 minutes. I was in agony. There was no character development, no setup, no real main character and all of the "demon hunters" looked like something I would have come up with when I was in seventh grade.

Even though I was miserable, I did my level best to not be rude, but when the movie ended, my wife knew. "I know you didn't like it." she said. "You grumbled throughout the entire thing. But what didn't you like about it?" I was afraid to tell her, because she clearly enjoyed herself and I don't like pissing in people's cornflakes. "The writing was awful, and I don't know if it was because the book was poorly written, or because the screenwriter was incompetent." I answered. "There were also very few interesting faces. Everyone looked like an 22 year old runway model. God, I miss Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson and Ernest Borgnine!" That last part I didn't say out loud.

The drive home was filled with discussion about the movie, so I guess, in some regard the movie stimulated something in me besides hatred and bewilderment, but I will not be accompanying my wife to the sequel. Maybe the next thing we share will be better written.

In other news:

Victorian Cut-out Theatre season 2 has premiered, and seems to be chugging along. I'm really thrilled. It even garnered the exchange you see in the picture above. I'm glad that people like the series, but I'm saddened by my awful spelling. Apparently, I need to learn to "right" better.

Also, I acted as a guest on the WTF Are you Watching Podcast yesterday and it was blast. For their two year anniversary episode, we discussed The Evil Dead films and joining me as a fellow guest was Paul Heath, co-host of the hilarious The Pharos Project Podcast. I couldn't have had more fun, well, unless we were all podcasting together from a bar with full beer glasses. I always enjoy talking with Lincoln and Kyle about movies and am a real fan of their show. I am also a fan of Mr. Paul Heath, his knowledge of movies is mind blowing and I would love to sit down with him (via Skype) some time and talk about horror films. His insights into John Carpenter's The Thing still swirl around my brain.

This weekend was full and I'll have to go into the other great, art exhibit, sage advice filled things I learned another time, but for now, I'll be heading to bed.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and a pleasant week.

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