Time For Love (Animation)

Sorry for the tardiness of the post.

We normally post in the morning, but I got my schedule mixed up. Here is my second attempt at a short animation. As mentioned previously, after the first one, I wanted to turn these into a series. I have yet to decide what to call them. As the animation is crude and there is no story to speak of, I've settled on the loose term of "animated" monologues. Special credit must be given to my co-worker Tim Read, as he is the inspiration behind the premise. I liked the idea and changed it up a bit from it's initial inception to even greater comedic effect. It should also be noted, that I am a great proponent of mixing pop-culture and intimacy. If it were up to me, everyone would be required to shout lines of dialogue from films, television or comic books in the throws of romantic passion to insure an optimum experience.

To Infinity and Beyond!

-Rob Out

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