Treadmilling, schedule scramble and building fires

My section of Colorado is now coated in ice and snow, which means that walks will be shoveled, car windows will be scraped and I will have to turn to the treadmill to sustain my nightly jogs. This snow is going to stick for a while. Winter isn't coming anymore, it's here to stay.

Gym was certainly my least favorite class in school, and in college I took "Stress Management" for a PE credit, because college is awesome. It is this world view that led me to believe that I wasn't a "gym kind of guy". I always just assumed that the people who went to the gym were goons in TAPOUT shirts, but there seems to be a good cross section of Americana converging on my rec center. Young, old, fat, thin, black, brown and white they're all there, which for me is very comforting. So I trot away on my treadmill (I prefer No. 5, but No. 4 will work in pinch) thinking of my caloric intake, new and exciting projects and the imaginary zombies chasing me. It feels like I'm outrunning them all, or chasing them down. I never thought I could be "relaxed" and "focussed" while exercising, but there you have it. I must be a ninja.

This weekend was action packed, as they all will be from now until New Years, therefore I'm scrambling at my day job to finish the pile of work I've been given to complete by the end of the year. This also means I've been scrambling at video work in order to finish the next episode of Victorian Cut-out Theatre. I had an episode completed, but it wasn't to my standards. I knew I could do better, so I decided to start over. This new episode is definitely higher quality and I will finish it by the end of the month, but because of circumstances, I don't know if it can be posted on Cinevore on the 7th. If not, I may just post it early on my channel. We'll see.

As well as battling schedules, my wife and I have also been battling the cold. Our policy has previously been to keep the house at minimum heat in order to save money. Having grown up in a house that was built in the 1920s, that even to this day does not have insulation in it's walls, I know what this feels like. However, the chill of this winter has proven too much for my thrifty wife and she's relented in setting the thermostat at a decent level. This means I will have to get better at building fires in our new fireplace. So far I've been very successful at lighting paper on fire, less so with lumber. I remember a lot about The Boys Scouts: drawing, reciting oaths, exercise and finally, bullying*. I do not, however, remember anything regarding fire starting. I'll give it another go this evening and see if we can stave off the cold and outrageous heating bills in the coming winter months.

Take care,


P.S. There's a new Vlog up today. Give it a watch, link to Facebook and twitter and be sure to tell your friends. You can watch it HERE.

*I was a Webelo Scout for all of one week, before deciding never to return. Up until then, I had fun, but I didn't appreciate the bullying of some rather thuggish Eagle scouts during our first Webelo meeting. Looking back, my time was better served in Odyssey of the Mind, where my talents were appreciated a bit more and I wasn't made fun of.