VCoT Hiatus and New Stuff

After deciding to move to Los Angeles and then deciding not to, my wife and I have been doing our best to prevail in our decision to stay in Colorado. However one of the speed bumps of this decision, includes my wife looking for a new job. I won't go into the details of this, but because we have both agreed that she not take "any old job", this means a great deal of waiting. This situation also means that my income is the primary source for bill payment and grocery funds.

We've been doing well with this new scenario, but we've definitely had to scale back quite a bit and with family emergencies and constant weekend plans, trying to keep money in our pockets has been a chore. I have been fortunate this year, in that I have received paid writing and animation work along with my day job. However, I'd be lying if I said that the pressure of the current situation wasn't showing through a bit. All I can do is breath deep, ply my wares and keep on trucking.

Well after a great deal of thought and consideration, the new episodes of Victorian Cut-out Theatre will not begin airing until August. I'm a little bummed you won't get to see these new episodes now, but I wanted to have a little more time to stockpile some of them to prevent lag time. Hopefully this new way of working will stimulate more creativity instead of having me race to the finish month to month. I'd really like to get some guest actors in there too, which I can't do if if things stay status quo. I hope you understand.

You can also see two more write ups I've done for Nerd Reactor this week (Monday and Wednesday). You can continue to expect at least two write ups a week from me at this website, so if you like my style and choice of subject matter give it a look.

You can ALSO see the first chapter (1st draft) of a story I've been tinkering with lately. There are some real problems with this one, but I posted it because I wanted feedback if you guys are willing to give it. Do you like nebbish men with frozen cats being exhaled to the far reaches of the galaxy? Let me know at

Tank care,