Victorian Cut-Out Theatre: The Arrangement Dir. Rob Walker

Let's see Austen & the Brontës do this!

This short was born out of my Fiance's love of BBC/PBS adaptations of Gothic/Romantic literature, in particular, Sense and Sensibility. These teleplays usually include a "headstrong" woman being forced to marry for money. While I've seen several of these adaptations, I must admit that I have never read the novels and have never really understood their appeal (although, God help me, I did enjoy The Jane Austen Book Club). While these novels and adaptations mean little to me, they have undeniably found a place in modern pop culture. Because of this cultural niche, they are the perfect jumping off point for humorous interpretation.

While I consider myself a romantic and have written my share of love letters and poems, I have always found humor more romantic and interesting than the "someday my prince/princess will come" ideal. Because of my unconventional romantic outlook, I ended this drama/romance the only way I knew how.

I am very proud of the look of this animated piece. I am a huge fan of Victorian illustration, and have wanted to mess with that style in some form. I feel it turned out fairly well and may make more Victorian Cut-Out Theatres in the future. Anyway, enough of me honking off about my little video (it's just a cartoon) Hope you enjoy it. If you do, please link it elsewhere (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or through e-mail). CBP cannot do this on our own. If everyone who sees this posts it elsewhere we'd be able to reach a wider audience, but we need your help.

Thank you, -Rob Out.

P.S. This short is dedicated to the three women who I thought may appreciate it the most. Thank you Denise, Sis and Wendy.