Victorian Cut-out Theatre Series 2 Premieres Sept 7th!


Victorian Cut-out Theatre Season 2 will premiere September 7th. You will be able to see it on YouTube as well as

Cinevore's official release blurb is stated thusly:

We're super-excited about the new episodes, that they're just as dark and possibly darker than ever, and with all the good steampunky creepiness and sophistication we fell in love with in Season 1! --Cinevore Studios

That blurb is perfect, because when I was in elementary school, I had hoped that I would become Gomez Addams by the time I was 30. The perfect mix of creepy and sophisticated. I don't know if I ever achieved that dream, but it's good to know that my work has.

I couldn't be more excited about the release of this new series of episodes! I hope you are too. Be sure to tell your creepy and sophisticated friends.