Weekend Activites

If you’ve been reading this blog, or have at least watched the most recent episode of Walker’s Talkers, then you know that I have been ill. While I am feeling much better now, there was a period where I was convinced that I was about to change into my “final form”. A hybrid Brundle-fly like creature, more proboscis than man. Fortunately or unfortunately, I haven’t transformed into anything new, I just look like a man who is exhausted from not sleeping for several days, which makes more evolutionary sense.

I’ve had a few people jovially tell me to “get used to it” before the baby arrives. As if being cursed with hacking coughs, a sore throat and an inability to sleep is boot-camp for having children. The people dispensing this kind of gentle chiding are friends of mine, so rather than scowl at them from across the internet, I usually don’t respond. Which isn’t to say that I shouldn’t be “battening down the hatches” so to speak, but not every uncomfortable scenario has to relate to my forthcoming heir. This might be a lesson in and of itself, but one of which I am keenly aware.

This weekend completely got away from me. I was onstage most of Saturday, and on the road most of Sunday. Denise was in Las Vegas for a bachelorette party, which I imagined as an 80’s sex comedy starring Deborah Foreman, Pheobe Cates and Linnea Quigley. However, I am told that the funny “romp” I imagined was replaced with a lot of cigarette smoke, standing in line and being tired. Though she had a good time, I am told that Las Vegas isn’t for pregnant ladies, and I am quoting her directly here, “Las Vegas isn’t for sane people.” Seeing as how it was founded by gangsters as a monument to excess, I would have to agree. Though it is a shame her experience wasn’t more “romp-like”. I do think that there has been a dearth of “romps” since the 1980s. The 90s were more about “hijinks”, I think.

The premiere of the play went really well, our first matinee was a …little small, but it was good because I had a final kink to work out, so it was like a soft opening. We had a substantially larger crowd for the second show, and by that point everything went smoothly. The cast did some of their best work and I was proud to be among them. I don’t really recall much about my own performance. I entered a sort of fugue state and don’t remember what I did onstage, but I am told it was well received.

Yesterday was spent picking Denise up from the airport and driving to Boulder for Mother’s day. We had a relaxing talk and dinner, before driving home, where my exhausted/airsick wife and I watched most of Near Dark* before going to bed. This may not sound exciting to you folks and that’s because it wasn’t. But it was nice to finally relax in each other’s company without the presence of racking coughs or elaborate activities. I’m hoping things get back to normal in the coming weeks, or at least plateau to the point where I can control my schedule again. Everything converging at once (illness, work, play, trips) has set me behind on a lot of things. For those of you waiting for the next episode of Victorian Cut-out Theatre, I assure it is being worked on, and I appreciate your patience.

Take care,


*This might be one of my new favorite vampire films. It was refreshing to see vampires treated not as superheroes flying around, but with a methodical menace. It was also refreshing to see violence not fetishized.