Winter malaise and Mega-Couches

As a Western Coloradan, I’m used to our winters lasting until April, leaving us stubbornly like a drunk being ejected from a party. In Colorado we don’t have spring, we have “mud season” and to continue the metaphor even further, it really is like the aforementioned drunk leaving your house in disarray. I think we're at the stage in winter where everyone is in the throws of depression. Almost everyone I meet, from my manual labor coworkers to my artist friends is hollow-eyed and worn down. I think it wouldn't be so bad if we had gotten a reasonable amount of snow early in the season, but now that it's February and everyone is finally draped entirely in ice, winter is starting to take its emotional toll. Don't get me wrong, I am built for cool weather. My brain boils too much in the heat, but even I can get a disheartened by looking at the steel colored sky for the third consecutive week.

My wife and I are now the proud owners of a new sectional couch, however. This has taken some of the sting out of living on Hoth. It has long been her dream to have a couch that will contain all six feet of her Amazonian frame. My dream, in tandem with hers, was to have a place to sit, since every available space is normally filled with wife, cats and art supplies. Up to this point we have made due with a cat scratched love-seat one of my college roommates left when he took off for Los Angeles years ago. It has served us as best it can in our years together, but with it's patches and threadbare appearance, it looks like something 1920s Mickey Mouse might sleep on in between shifts driving a steamboat and hunting ghosts with his ne'rdowell friends. I never thought that I would be so pleased with a piece of furniture, but finally being able to sit down in one's own living room is a wonderful thing. I always worry that being an adult is getting excited about stupid mundane things like trips to IKEA and cocktail parties with the Davenports. I guess I’m finally there, I’m excited for a couch. How dull.

The new couch will come in handy because this February the 14 we will be hosting Werewolf Valentines Day. This means that we will be having a dinner party with delicious food and drink and the evening will be concluded by playing a game of Ultimate Werewolf. I couldn’t be more excited for a supernatural themed game night on this perpetually awkward holiday. If the event is a success, I’d like to do it again next year. I’d also like to try a Victorian Mummy unwrapping absinthe party for Halloween, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The new Victorian Cut-out Theatre episode is out now. It’s short, sweet and I’m particularly proud of it. I think these last two episodes have seen me be more conservative with time and more concise with my words with is to the benefit of the show. Give it a watch and please tell me what you think. It took me a while to get the “plopping” sound right on this one, but I think I nailed it.

I have been wound as tight as a snare drum this week. This is the result of an unhealthy mix of the weather, personal matters and day job related changes. I don’t want to bore you with airing personal frustrations in their entirety, but I will say that being the captain of one’s own ship is a stressful endeavor and I do long for the guiding hand of a teacher or mentor. Oh well, maybe laying on MEGA COUCH and watching a few episodes of Quantum Leap will calm my nerves.

Take care,