Writing packets, Apartment hunting & Hobo camps

Leaving Colorado is beginning to feel very real. I'm turning down work, which I would most certainly NOT do if I weren't leaving. Also, it's Facebook official so if we don't leave, we'll be the laughing stock of social media.

This week has seen me developing an entertainment-centric resume as well as writing packets for important Hollywood types. These packets will include a resume, a showreel and a collection of writing samples. I've also sent out several inquiry emails to places including Cartoon Network and a few animation companies. If I ever get to a place where I am making a comfortable living from working in entertainment, I'm going to set up "office hours" so that blissful idiots (like my current self) can ask me questions about the nuts and bolts of working in the industry. I will answer these inquiries with real information, personal experiences and suggestions. When these idiots leave they will at least have an idea of where to begin... (Thanks, David & Matt)

We're leaving to find a California apartment in March. We will do so by automobile and, since everyone's living situation is already tight, will likely be camping while we're out there. I'm a little frustrated we have to pitch a tent, but I come from a long line of semi-hobos and railroad hitchers, so surely a 4 day camping trip to find a place to live won't be too bad. If things don't work out with my current career trajectory, I may be camping again this time next year...

...I see myself in a newsboy cap, hunched over a can of baked beans which is bubbling on a makeshift grill fashioned out of rocks and an errant shopping cart. A comrade, probably the former of executive of Warner Brothers, will be rolling a cigarette and regaling our hobo brethren with stories from his days working in the "imagination business". He'll tell us about hiring Tim Burton to direct the first Batman Movie and how he slept with Kathleen Turner back when she was still "a piece of ass". As I prod my can of beans with a fork I found in a Ralph's parking lot, I'll think to myself, this is the big time.

On an unrelated note...

New Victorian Cut-out Theatre commentaries will be hitting every other Monday with a new one up today. If you're a fan of the series and like talking about literature and pop culture, you'll probably enjoy the commentaries. As always, if you like what you see, pass it on via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email or whatever the hot new thing is.

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